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Bush Doctor - Peter Tosh


The Surgeon General warns                       Legalize marijuana
Cigarette smoking is dangerous, dangerous       Down here in Jamaica
Hazard to your health                           It can build up your failing economy
Does that mean anything to you                  Eliminate the slavish mentality
To legalize marijuana                           There'll be no more
Right here in Jamaica                           Illegal humiliation
I'm say it cure glaucoma                        And no more police
I man a de Bush Doctor                          Interrogation
So there'll be                                  Legalize marijuana
No more smokin and feelin tense                 Down here in sweet Jamaica
When I see them a come                          Only cure for glaucoma
I don't have to jump no fence                   I man a de Bush Doctor 
Legalize marijuana                              So there be
Down here in Jamaica                            No more need to smoke and hide
Only cure for asthma                            When you know you're takin
I man a de Minister(of the Herb)                Illegal ride
So there'll be no more                          Legalize marijuana
Police brutality                                Down here in Jamaica
No more disrespect                              It the only cure for glaucoma
For humanity                                    I man a de Minister

Peter Tosh 1979-07-16 Pt 7: Bush Doctor :

Legalize ItBush DoctorNo Nuclear War

TranTran2013/01/21 08:54It's a pleasure to find someone who can identify the issues so clealry